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Quick Facts:
Having Bed bugs doesn't mean your home is dirty.

Even the cleanest of homes and hotels can face bed bug problems.  The good news is that there are many treatment options to destroy and even help prevent them from coming back, and don't panic, they do not spread any diseases, or cause any significant pain if you are bitten.

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With a population of more than 2.6 million people, Toronto has the unenviable distinction of being the bed bug capital of Canada! And this infestation continues to reach almost epidemic proportions, with bed bugs having been found in homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, libraries, movie theatres, and subways. ,Cities North of the GTA such as Brampton, Woodbridge, Caledon, and Bolton have seen an increase of Bed Bugs over the years. However, in these cities, the infestation rate is much lower than in larger cities like Toronto, simply due to the lower population.

Now, let's talk about what Bed bugs are.
Bed bugs are small, nocturnal pests that grow to four–five mm in length. They are reddish-brown, flattened, oval, and wingless. These pests feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts, including birds, rodents, bats, and pets. Because they are nocturnal insects, they feed on their hosts while they sleep.9

Adult bed bugs usually feed for 10 to 15 minutes, with nymphs becoming engorged within three minutes. Once finished, they crawl away and digest the meal; when hunger strikes again, the bed bug will search again for a host.

Female bed bugs lay from one to 12 eggs per day; the eggs are deposited on rough surfaces or in cracks and crevices. Newly hatched nymphs are translucent and become browner as they moult and reach maturity. Immediately after hatching, nymphs begin to feed; that said, nymphs and adults can live for several months without food. An adult bed bug can live up to 18 months; with three or more generations occurring each year.

Bed bugs do not spread any disease and their bite is painless, but the skin can become irritated, inflamed, and itchy (though the thought of nocturnal pests feasting on your blood is bad enough).

A bed bug infestation can be recognized by blood stains from crushed bugs or by rusty, dark spots of excrement on sheets and mattresses, bedding, clothes, and walls.

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