Humane animal removal Toronto

You have an animal control problem: a raccoon is getting into your waste cans, or maybe a squirrel has made a nest in the attic of your house.

Either way, you want to remove the animal without harming it and you’re looking for a company that provides  humane animal removal. Toronto homeowners and business owners can rest easy knowing that City & Country Pest Control will remove the animal gently and humanely.

It’s well-known that Toronto is home to a wide variety of urban wildlife: raccoons, squirrels, and even skunks call the city home. However, no one wants to see these animals harmed. We provide our clients with  humane animal removal. Toronto residents can simply call City & Country Pest Control and one of our trained professionals will arrive at their residence and business within an hour the same day or within 24 hours and have the animal removed without causing it any harm.

Despite your best efforts – you’ve avoided providing a food source and have made sure that there’s no way an animal could get into your house or business – you still find signs that your garbage has become a food source or that you have unwanted visitors in your attic. It may be cute at first, but you’ll eventually want  humane animal removal. Toronto is just one of the areas that City & Country provides service to, offering effective, safe pest control throughout the GTA.

New condominiums and businesses are springing up all over Toronto, which can be a magnet for pests. Despite the best efforts of the owners to keep their buildings pest-free, an animal or group of animals may get in. You don’t want to use harmful chemicals in your business, condo or home, or maybe the thought of an animal suffering is too much for you and you’re looking at options for humane animal removal. Toronto homeowners and business owners should look no further than City & Country.

Our service technicians are trained in safe and humane animal removal. Toronto is an environmentally conscious city, and our safe and humane method of animal removal doesn’t use any chemicals that will affect your home or the surrounding area.

It’s been said that new condos are springing up in Toronto overnight, and with high-rise construction come birds that take up residence on balconies. If you live in one of the towers or you’re working on one, you know that birds, such as pigeons, can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. City & Country provides safe,  humane animal removal  when it comes to birds, so Toronto condo owners won’t have to worry about any unwanted tenants.

But Toronto isn’t just the downtown area; it’s also suburban areas, with a variety of wildlife that varies from foxes and bats to beavers. These animals can be a nuisance, but at the same time, they’re essential to the ecosystem and clients experiencing issues with these animals will want humane animal removal. Toronto wildlife won’t experience any harm when City & Country is on the job.

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