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Get 10% Off quick and clean wasp removal. Just fill in the form so one of our technicians can contact you with a free estimate. In some instances we might not be able to offer accurate estimates over the phone, however, please be assured that regardless of whether we visit your home or not, there is absolutely NO CHARGE FOR assessing your pest problem.


City & Country Pest Control offers a range of warranties on wildlife and insect removal services.
Warranties on work performed:
Roaches - 3 months.
Mice - 6 months.
Carpenter Ants - 1 year.
Wildlife - 2 year.

Shared buildings and infrastructures may limit the warranty.

Seniors Discount

We gladly offer a 10% discount on all our services to seniors.

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Price Match

We welcome the opportunity to earn, and then prove our value to you. So much so that we will match and even beat (by 10%) any reputable competitors pricing.

City & Country Pest Control reserves the right to refuse any competitors pricing.

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