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Squirrel Removal

Humane Removal of Squirrels

City & Country Pest Control specializes in the humane removal of squirrels.
Squirrels are very playful and energetic animals that are very good a climbing trees as well as walls of building. They are know to climb vertical walls of high rise buildings and steal food from people’s balconies. In the urban areas we see mostly gray and black squirrels, with red squirrels more common in forests and cottage countries. A lot of residential areas, including residential homes, provide everything a squirrel needs. A source of food and shelter. Squirrels are known to seek shelter in attics which they access by climbing the ouside wall, then chewing a hole in the wooden part of the roof to get inside. Attics provide a safe, worm and dry environment that these animals prefer especially during the colder months. From there they are just steps away from backyard gardens, composter bins, or outdoor garbage bins. They will rip up any unprotected garbage bag to access the garbage food inside.

The squirrel might look cute and harmless, but they will cause a lot of damage to your home if allowed to stay. At the same time, they can pose a severe health threat. They are capable of chewing through thick wood and hard plastic to get into your attic. Once inside, they create more damage by tearing up insulation, chewing through wires, defecating and urinating, creating a contaminated space with airborne bacteria, that is very dangerous to human health. Squirrels may also be carrying ticks and fleas that can be a threat to the health of pet cats and dogs.

Also, by chewing up a hole in your roof, squirrels create an entry point for other animals interested in making your attic their home, including bats and raccoons.

City and Country Pest Control staff are equipped with proper safety gear, including protective suits and respirators, so they can safely access contaminated areas and asses the damage caused by squirrels. We will inspect your property to determine whether you do have a squirrel problem in your home. We will identify points of entry, and will safely and humanely remove all squirrels from your property by using specialized and suitably baited traps.

Although, as mentioned earlier, squirrels can look cute and harmless, do not approach squirrels and try to catch them with your hands as they can get vicious when in defensive mode and will attack if they feel threatened. Squirrels are very fast, and they can bite quicker than a snake, and their stong, deep bites can quickly turn into an infection of the bone and surrounding tissue.

With their excellent sense of smell and direction, squirrels are capable of finding their way back home if released in the nearby area. We return all trapped squirrels to an environment at least 50 kilometres from where caught, to eliminate the possibility of them coming back.

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