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Mice & Rat Removal Services

Mice & Rat Removal



    City & Country Pest Control specializes in the effective removal of mice and other rodents. Our motto is dealing with the problems you shouldn’t have to face.

    • Treatment starts with an inspection of attic to determine the level of activity.
    • Place/scatter rodent bait throughout entire attic.
    • Place rodent bait inside kick plates of the kitchen, washrooms laundry room.
      (Kick plates are the space between the bottom cupboard and floor of the above areas)
    • Place rodent bait inside drywall ceilings of basement. (If basement has removable tiles then we install locked feeding stations)
    • Place locked rodent feeding stations inside the garage.
    • Inspect the exterior of house for entry points, if any openings are discovered around the pipes, we will seal them.
    • Provide an in depth report on any deficiencies discovered at time of service.

    Call City & Country Pest Control and let’s ensure your pests are not guests.
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    As the colder months approach, mice will try to find shelter in your home. They are extremely flexible and agile and require only a small crack under your garage door, or opening to gain entry. Once inside they will find their way to the attic, or the basement. They are very quiet animals and you might not be aware of their existence until the population gets quite significant. They will come out at night and get into pantries. They will eat cat and dog food stored in the basements and they will get into garbage in the garage stored there before the garbage day.

    Mice can multiply very quickly and they will produce a lot of feces and urine that not only can make your home smell, but can also contaminate the air with air borne bacteria, that is very dangerous to human health. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists multiple Diseases directly transmitted by rodents that include Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Lassa fever, Leptospirosis and others. For a full list please visit

    City and Country Pest Control staff are equipped with proper safety gear including protective suits and respirators, so they can safely access contaminated areas and assess the damage caused by mice. We will inspect your property do determine whether in fact you do have mouse problem in your home. We will determine points of entry. We will safely and effectively remove all mice from your property by using specialized and properly baited traps. We will remove mice droppings and sanitize the area in order to make the areas safe for the home owners and their pets.

    Once all mice have been safely and humanely removed from your property, and the property has been cleaned up and sanitized, we’ll make recommendations for preventing the same problem from happening again in the future.

    PLEASE NOTE: The bait is concealed throughout the home in several strategic areas. The reason for this is to optimize exposure to the pest, while protecting your family from exposure and access to the bait.

    IMPORTANT: If you have a dog living with you, the dog food needs to be placed in a sealed container and the dog food in the dog dish cannot be left in the bowl during the day or evening for the next (30) days.   In dog food there is vitamin K1, which is the medication for our rodent poison. Which means if the mice are eating our rodent poison and the dog food they are self- medicating. (The mice will never die)

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