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Starling / Sparrow removal

Starling / Sparrow removal procedure

Starlings/sparrows can cause an infestation of bird mites, continuous unpleasant odors resulting from their feces/droppings. They prefer to nest inside stove and bathroom exhaust vents. Vents are the perfect shelter providing protection from predatory animals making it a safe place to live and raise a family. City and Control Pest Control will arrange an onsite assessment of your home or business, outlining the work necessary to solve the ongoing bird problem. During the nesting season, the first step is to humanely remove the adult and baby starlings/sparrows. Retrieving the nest and baby birds can often be a very difficult process/task. In the event the bird nest is in a hard to reach section of the stove vent pipe, the pipe needs to be dismantled to retrieve the nesting materials and baby birds. During the removal of the nesting materials and baby birds a proper filtered mask must be worn to prevent the breathing of potentially harmful bird droppings and dust particles usually associated when removing bird nests.

After the birds have been removed the next step is to replace the vent cap (if damaged) install heavy galvanized steel screen over the outside vent opening. All completed work has a five (5) year guarantee. Call City and Country Pest Control today, we can help!

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