Commercial Pest Control Services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

City & Country Pest Control takes great pride in the services we provide for all our clients. We have a diversified portfolio of businesses which we work along side to minimize pest activity and to strive in achieving a pest free environment.

We understand the need to be discrete and protect the image of your business. City & Country Pest Control employs professional, educated and licensed service technicians and knowledgeable office staff to ensure that all your pest questions and needs are met.

Each potential client will receive an on-site visit and consultation from our knowledgeable sales staff, who will determine the best-suited custom-tailored pest program for your business needs without jeopardizing your budget, all while maintaining discretion.

If what you need is a regular monthly preventative pest control program, or if all you have is a single pest issue, City & Country can help!  Our company operates seven days a week and can respond to any and all emergency requests within the hour, same day response or within a 24 hour period.

Integrated Pest Management Mission Statement

City & Country Pest Control’s  mission regarding Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to educate our clients on more eco-friendly methods, as well as ensure our clients’ pest concerns are eradicated with minimal – often zero – use of pesticides. IPM is simply another means of controlling a pest problem by focusing our efforts on proper sanitation and the elimination of breeding sources and ideal environments in which pests thrive. We also inspect the integrity of the structure to ensure all access points are eliminated or sealed correctly to minimize pest activity inside the building. Mechanical equipment and/or devices may also be introduced as a suitable control measure.

When pest issues are reported to us, we take immediate action to minimize the risk of a greater spread. Our IPM service offers a proactive approach to all pest issues, which allows us to reduce the need to use pesticides.

Steps we take to successfully execute an IPM program:

  1. Identify the type of pest
  2. Determine the infestation’s source
  3. Choose the most effective non-chemical approach
  4. Identify all points of entry (exclusion methods may be needed)
  5. Eliminate the breeding sources
  6. Utilize non-chemical solutions
  7. Apply products (only where required)
  8. Begin a proper monitoring program

For more information about how City & Country Pest Control can assist you with pest control,
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