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City & Country Pest Control provides effective pest solutions and proactive measures to ensure your family enjoys a safe and pest-free environment, keeping your home protected from any and all invading pests and animals.

Our team of experts listens closely to each of our clients’ needs so we can custom-tailor the most sensible and effective treatment to maintain long-lasting results and keep your family pest-free at affordable rates. We aim to please!

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Emergency Pest Control

Emergency Pest Control Service

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We understand that even the smallest of pest issues can be a nuisance or even terrifying. They key is to stay calm and know that we have technicians in the Greater Toronto Area, including Brampton, Milton, Mississauga and Vaughan ready to answer your call. In addition we have an Emergency Pest Control Service team available in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo.

Our Commitment to You

For a Pest-free Home at Affordable Rates

Our years of experience allows for the best approach to any pest problem in the most humane and effective manner. City & Country Pest Control not only backs it’s service with a warranty, but ensures that you pay the best rates with a Price Match.

Emergency Pest Control Service

On-time & Reliable

We schedule services around your busy day, not the other way around. Your time is important, which is why we take pride in making a strong effort to be on time. In the unforeseen case we become behind schedule, we will be sure to call you.

Personalized Care By our Technician

Personalized Care

We custom tailor our service to your specific needs by taking the time to understand and explain the steps required to resolve your pest problem. After our technician has completed the treatment, we will gladly cover any questions you might have.

Discreet & Professional Service

Discreet & Professional

Each City & Country technician is highly knowledgeable and fully licenced. Our fully equipped fleet of trucks arrives with uniformed staff carrying necessary protective gear. We ensure discretion is a top priority when dealing with nosy neighbours or quizzing patrons.

Common Household Pests

As the largest province in Canada, Ontario is home to the most diverse environmental area in the country; from the tundra along the northern shores of the Hudson Bay, to the coniferous forests found along the Canadian shield, to the deciduous forests of Southern Ontario, and the woodlands in the south.

The environmental diversity also means Ontario is home to a huge variety of different insects, including dragonflies, grasshoppers, butterflies, moths, fireflies, beetles, and ladybugs.


With a population of more than 2.6 million people, Toronto has the unenviable distinction of being the bed bug capital of Canada!  


The most prevalent pest in Toronto and the surrounding GTA regions is the ant. Roughly 100 species of ants are found in Canada, with most building nests in soil.

Wasps & Hornets
Wasps & Hornets

While there are many varieties of wasps across the GTA and Ontario, the two that pose the greatest threat to homeowners and businesses are yellow jackets and hornets.


Found in near every home, spiders often aid in the reduction of insects. However, spiders can become a nuisance when an infestation occurs in your family home.

Mice and Rats
Mice & Rats

If not controlled properly, an animal pest can have a significant impact on your family’s home, health, and safety..


Raccoons may be cute, curious creatures that look like bandits, but they can also be dangerous when they come into contact with people and pets.


City & Country Pest Control offers a range of warranties on wildlife and insect removal services.
Warranties on work performed:
Roaches – 3 months.
Mice – 6 months.
Carpenter Ants – 1 year.
Wildlife – 2 year.

Shared buildings and infrastructures may limit the warranty.

Seniors Discount

We gladly offer a 10% discount on all our services to seniors.

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Price Match

We welcome the opportunity to earn, and then prove our value to you. So much so that we will match and even beat (by 10%) any reputable competitors pricing.

City & Country Pest Control reserves the right to refuse any competitors pricing.