Cockroach Service Preparation Sheet


Cockroach Preparation/Information:

Proper site preparation is crucial to ensuring an effective and safe pest control treatment. Prior to our arrival please review and complete the items listed below. Your cooperation is vital to the success of the treatment and is greatly appreciated.


  • Remove items from upper and lower cupboards  
  • Remove items from drawers
  • Clean and remove items from countertops
  • Store all items outside immediate kitchen area to allow our technician access to kitchen cupboards.


Remove all items from bathroom cabinets and drawers. Treatment type will vary depending on the severity of the activity   but   typically   our   technicians will   use   a   spray,   or   bait.   The   kitchen   and   washroom   cupboards   are   typically   the   focus   of   most treatments. After a treatment you may see an increased level of pest activity for following 24 – 48 hours.


  • Avoid using other pest control products (sprays or powders) or cleaning products in close proximity to where bait has been placed or this will decrease its effectiveness.

When Can You Return to Your Home?

  • If a spray and or flush treatment is completed, you may need to leave your home for 3-4 hours.
  • If a gel/bait treatment has been completed in your place, then you are not required to leave your home.

What to do after the treatment:

  • If your unit was sprayed you need to make sure you wash your kitchen and washroom counters, wash the stove top in case of any over spray.
  • Do not wash the kitchen or washroom cupboards for the next (30) days after the treatment.
  • Put wax paper or newspaper inside the kitchen and washroom cupboards for the next (30) days, after the (30) days remove the wax paper or newspaper and wash all kitchen and washroom cupboards and all treated baseboards.
  • If your unit was gelled you can put back all your items immediately.
  • After (45) days if you find there is no more activity then please remove the gel from the cupboards. You can remove the gel by scraping it with a bitter knife or a warm cloth and soap.

It’s   important   to   maintain   good   housekeeping   practices,   making   sure   there   isn’t   grease and grim behind the appliances etc. It does help to detect insect problems much earlier which intern reduce the risk of the cockroaches from spreading into other areas of your unit and your neighbor’s units.