The sound of birds singing is soothing, but, as the experts at City &Country Pest Control Inc. explain, birds are usually incredibly territorial, especially when it comes to protecting nests and food supplies.

In fact, anyone who lives in an area with a high concentration of birds will doubtlessly mention one of the least pleasant aspects of sharing your home or apartment with them: droppings. The old superstition about a bird defecating on you being a sign of luck is”¦well, you can probably guess what it is. In fact, if this happens, you would be well-advised to get cleaned up immediately afterwards.

Not only do bird droppings create ugly messes on your deck, balcony and car, but they’re also potentially toxic and can cause illness.

Histoplasmosis, a fungal toxin, is often carried by pigeons and affects both humans and farm animals. It goes without saying that if bird droppings contaminate food supplies or water, it can have serious consequences, according to City & Country Pest Control.

Even if bird droppings dry out, they can still cause serious health problems if dispersed and inhaled. Additionally, coming into contact with bird feces can also lead to parasitic infections.

If you’re looking to avoid the health problems – plus the messes – that come from having a large population of birds near your property or business, the experts at City & Country Pest Control recommend taking measures, such as installing bird netting that fits open yet enclosed spaces.

Another measure is bird spikes, something you’ve doubtlessly seen in public places, such as shopping malls and bus stations. These plastic spikes will discourage birds from roosting.

If you’re looking for something that is discrete, City & Country Pest Control recommends bird mesh, as bird spikes can often be obvious and may not look like they belong. However, if done properly, bird mesh can unobtrusively become part of your property.

But even with these measures in place, you may not have had your property cleaned in some time, and the droppings have accumulated. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can corrode many surfaces, such as tar roofing. The accumulation of bird droppings on one gas station in Yuma, Arizona was so heavy that it actually caused the roof to collapse!

City & Country Pest Control recommends leaving the cleaning to the experts, because of how toxic bird droppings can be.

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