Brampton Pest Control Services

Pest control services for the city of Brampton. For quick assistance, call:

Local: 905-455-1102
Toll Free: 1-866-255-9455

City & Country Pest Control is a Canadian-owned and operated pest control company with its head office in Brampton, Ontario. Our service technicians are fully certified and licensed to treat all pest control problems and perform the safest pest control treatment for your specific situation. Our local home pest control in Brampton includes many of the common pest issues but is not limited to:

Mice and Rats: Mice and rats tend to find their way into your home or garage through small pencil tip openings we call pest entry points. Once we have established the entry points, we will perform our pest control service and seal the determined entry points to prevent future entry.

House Mouse

Norway Rat

Roof Rat

Insects: We eradicate critters of all types, but the most common insects we see in the Brampton area and beyond include:

Bed bugs


Wasp and Hornets Nests

Wildlife: City & Country Pest Control uses professional and safe humane removal of a variety of wildlife, including:

Raccoons that may have entered your home through an unsafe entry point.

Skunks, that may be on your property, under your porch, under your deck, or have even made their way into your garage.

Squirrels like to get into your attic and home and even make nests in your walls.

However, these types of pest control problems are not exclusive to Brampton residents. These are the most common based on more than 30 years of operational history.

Determining your Pest Problem: Our local residential pest control service process is simple. Just call, email, or text us your pest issue. Or, if you are unsure of what it is, send us a brief description of what you suspect, unusual noises in your home, a foul odour, or droppings.
GET A FREE QUOTE: Once we have your information, one of the City & Country Pest Control service technicians will contact you to investigate your pest issue further and provide you with a free pest control quote. We offer all clients a 100% money-back guarantee, and your satisfaction is our priority. We will do everything possible to guarantee your pest problem goes away. In addition, we offer special pricing incentives at different times of the year. Please check our promotions page for current pricing offers.

Reasons to consider Brampton’s City and Country Pest Control

  • Warrantied work
  • We will match or beat reasonable quotes from reputable companies
  • Emergency pest control services
  • All our technicians are insured and certified – meet them!
  • We’ve provided residential and commercial pest removal services for over 30 years. We service Brampton and surrounding areas.

Areas we serve include: