Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bed Bugs

Worryingly, Toronto has recently topped the list as the number one city in Canada to suffer from bed bug infestations – a title that it could well do without!

It appears more people than ever in the Greater Toronto area are waking up to find their skin is covered in itchy, red bumps. However, common misconceptions about bed bugs means sometimes the infestation has really taken hold before the sufferer realizes what the problem truly is.

City & Country Pest Control  gives you five facts you may never have known about bed bugs so you can be better informed.

  1. Bed Bugs Don’t Just Live in Dirty Homes

One of the most popular misconceptions about bed bugs is that they only live in dirty conditions. In fact, bed bugs won’t discriminate! They have been found in luxury hotels just as often as in poor living conditions and paying extra for your accommodation is no guarantee you’ll have a bite-free night. They can also be easily transported from place to place, meaning they aren’t confined to the bedroom either. As well as being found in private homes, college dormitories and hotels, they have also been discovered in laundry facilities, movie theatres, and libraries.

  1. Bed Bugs Are Surprisingly Resilient

Bed bugs don’t need to feed very often and can survive for months without having any human blood at all. Unfortunately, that means that when you thought that infestation was under control, it rears its head again. Bed bugs can hang around in suitcases, bags, and furniture for as long as it takes until they find another human host. And, as an added complication, they can survive in temperatures ranging from freezing right up to 122 degrees. This means it is virtually impossible to eliminate them without professional help, and engaging the services of  a pest control service  is the best way to ensure they have all been eradicated.

  1. Bed Bugs Are Very Clever

Bed bugs have an impressive survival instinct. They can stay well hidden in box springs, crevices of mattresses, baseboards, in photo frames, behind wallpaper and behind switch plates during the day. That’s why, when you wake up covered in bites and examine your bed to see if you can find any pests, you won’t find any tell-tale signs.

  1. Bed Bugs Are Predictable

One thing most people don’t know about bed bugs is that they are very predictable. Once they have found a suitable host, they always feed for between five and 10 minutes before stopping. Bites are usually in a specific pattern and will generally be in rows or clusters on the exposed skin of the legs, arms or chest. Once a bed bug has fed on its human host, it will hide somewhere secluded for between five and 10 days, when it will digest its food, mate, and lay eggs ready for the cycle to begin again.

  1. Bed Bugs Give You an Anaesthetic

Lots of people are surprised they didn’t wake up when they were bitten by bed bugs, especially as the resulting bites are so itchy. However, bed bugs have an anaesthetic in their saliva that boosts the blood flow to the site of the bite, ensuring they can feed rapidly and without causing any pain to the host.

If you think you could be suffering from a bed bug problem in your home, don’t delay. Contact City & Country Pest Control. The company can handle the infestation for you and get your home bed bug free.


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