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When you think of bird netting, you typically picture something that farmers put over crops or that fisheries use to protect fish stocks from predatory birds.

However, an increasing number of home and business owners are using bird netting as a way to keep their properties free of bird droppings, as well as to prevent birds taking up residence on their rooftops, awnings, and other parts of their building, according to the experts at  City & Country Pest Control.

As anyone who lives in Toronto and the GTA knows, pigeons are a part of the urban landscape, and their droppings often mar the city and the surrounding region’s architecture. Bird droppings are often toxic and can cause disease; cleaning bird droppings is also expensive.

If done properly, bird netting is discrete and can even blend in with the building. Best of all, City & Country Pest Control advises that it is a humane way to deal with birds without harming them.

If you run a warehouse that ships food, you’ve doubtlessly had to deal with birds trying to take food from pallets. You also run the risk of your stock being contaminated with bird droppings. By putting up bird netting, you’ll keep birds out and prevent loss in revenue due to bird droppings.

If you’re a homeowner, you don’t want to spend hours cleaning bird droppings off your house. Plus, if you have a garden, you don’t want birds to eat all the vegetables you grow or do anything to ruin the beautiful flowers you’ve spent time cultivating.

City & Country Pest Control says that putting up bird netting is a simple yet effective way to keep birds both off your deck and out of your garden.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or business owner, bird droppings carry health risks, clog up pipes and chimneys, make surfaces unsafe to walk on, and just plain look unpleasant. City & Country Pest Control says that putting up bird netting is an easy way to deal with pigeons and other roosting birds.

You can also buy bird netting that is customized to your needs. City & Country Pest Control advises customers to be sure to shop around to find a dealer that will offer bird netting that’s cut to size.

When searching for bird netting, you should always purchase netting that is made from non-toxic materials, as pets and other wildlife may come into contact with it; you don’t want to harm any birds that may try to land on it, either. You should also buy bird netting that is UV resistant, as the pest control experts at City & Country Pest Control say that this material is best for netting that will last.

And be sure that the netting you install is durable! You want your netting to be able to take whatever weather Toronto and the GTA throw at it.

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