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Office Pest Control in Brampton

Even the cleanest offices in Brampton can “come down” with a pest problem. Four of the more common office pests in Brampton are cockroaches, mice, ants, and bedbugs. The first three office pests come in searching for water (bathroom, kitchen) and food (kitchen, an employee’s desk). Bedbugs, on the other hand, are a different office pest altogether.

While many may not give the idea of office pests too serious a thought, they should. Pests in the workplace have been linked with asthma, rabies, and Lyme disease. One of the most common workplace pests, the rodent (e.g. mice, rats, and squirrels), is responsible for the spread of several viruses and parasites, including  Salmonella  bacteria (food poisoning), leptospirosis, and typhus. Mice also carry parasites such as fleas, roundworms, and mites.

Common throughout Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area, mice are potential year-round office pests that enjoy the warmth of the indoors. They prefer to nest in safe locations near a steady supply of food and water, like the space between walls, in ceiling spaces and floors, and in closed-in areas, such as office drawers and cardboard filing boxes.

Mice that get in between office walls, floors, and ceilings in Brampton can be a fire hazard, chewing through electrical insulation. Mice can also contaminate food in the office kitchen with their feces and urine.

Cockroaches are another common office pest found in Brampton. It is not uncommon for cockroaches found in Brampton to travel from office to office through walls, over wiring, and within plumbing. Depending on the weather, cockroaches in Brampton will even make their way to outdoors to neighbouring offices.

Because cockroaches in Brampton prefer to live near a steady food source and water, they are often encountered in the office kitchen, or other food preparation areas and bathrooms. At the same time, cockroaches will eat virtually anything, including garbage or decaying matter. As a result, it is believed they spread and carry any number of diseases – including  Salmonella  (which causes food poisoning) bacteria, and pathogens – and help spread hepatitis.

The most prevalent pest in Brampton and the surrounding GTA is the ant; these insects colonize beneath office buildings, near foundations, under rocks, or under the grass. Like most unwanted office pests, ants are in search of food, preferring the sweet nectar from plants, fruit, vegetables, and almost anything consumed by human beings. Ants are also quite adept at scavenging for any kind of organic matter.

Offices in Brampton can take proactive measures against cockroaches, ants, and mice by keeping their work spaces clean and crumb-free. But bedbugs”¦

In spite of the provincial government investing $5.0 million to combat Ontario’s bed bug problem, we at City & Country Pest Control can tell you they’re making a comeback in Brampton. Despite their location-specific name, City & Country Pest Control knows that bedbugs can live almost anywhere: clothing, books, office seats, cars, filing cabinets, behind electrical sockets, behind wallpaper, in carpet, etc.1

It’s important to remember that bedbugs are not a result of an issue with sanitation and are equally at home in a clean, tidy office. Because they live on blood, they will travel great distances for a meal. Since bedbugs are hitchhikers, they can easily turn up in an office setting, having travelled there on items belonging to someone who has bedbugs in their homes. In turn, those bedbugs can jump on someone else’s belongings and travel home.

Effective  office pest control  in Brampton often requires exact identification. Using the wrong sprays or pest removal techniques can actually make the problem worse. To successfully eliminate an infestation of office pests in Brampton, City and Pest Control stresses that you have to find and kill every viable pest – a difficult task when you consider many office pests can hide virtually anywhere.

City & Country Pest Control recommends hiring a professional pest control company with a proven history of successfully removing office pests in Brampton like bedbugs, mice, ants, cockroaches, and any number of other pests.

City& Country Pest Control understands that protecting your workplace, office environment, and the safety of all staff is of the utmost importance. We also appreciate that each business has its own unique pest control needs.

Commercial and industrial offices in Brampton will receive a free consultation from the GTA’s most experienced pest control experts at City & Country Pest Control. Whatever your  office pest control  issues are in Brampton, City & Country Pest Control guarantees that our fully dedicated services will successfully get rid of the problem in the safest manner possible and help prevent future issues.

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