Residential pest control in Oakville, Ontario

Whether our clients live in apartments, condos, or houses in Oakville,  residential pest control  options are available to them, no matter the size of their problem.

With a population that’s increased by 10.2% since 2006, more and more people are moving to Oakville.  Residential pest control  that’s affordable is something that City & Country Pest Control offers to our Oakville clients.

With the rapid expansion that’s happening in Oakville, residential areas often come into contact with nature, leaving residents seeking effective pest control solutions to any number of issues, from raccoons to birds and other animals. City & Country Pest Control provides humane pest control solutions for clients living in the Oakville residential area.

As part of Halton Region, the Oakville residential area isn’t just confined to the downtown area; there’s also a large rural area surrounding Oakville. With more than 20 years of experience, our team of experts recognize that living in a rural area has its own unique set of pest control issues. City & Country Pest Control’s experts will travel to rural Oakville residential areas and assess each client’s needs to provide a customized pest control solution to ensure that clients living outside the city of Oakville’s residential core remain pest-free for a low cost.

Oakville also has one of the youngest populations in Canada, with 28.1% of the residents being under the age of 19. Infestations of pests often come with allergens that often have the most adverse effect on youths; for example, a cockroach infestation can aggravate asthma in children. Parents in the Oakville residential area want to ensure that their children are healthy and comfortable.

City & Country Pest Control provides services all over the GTA, Golden Horseshoe, and Durham Region. As experts in pest control, we recognize the desire to live pest-free in Oakville.  Residential pest control  options ensure that our clients can live pest-free thanks to our affordable, effective pest control measures.

Our experts assess each client’s needs – be it an insect infestation or birds roosting in the attic – and provide affordable and long-lasting solutions on a per-client basis. City & Country Pest Control doesn’t just provide one solution to the residents of Oakville;  residential pest control  isn’t the only option we offer. Our team of experts also provides pest control solutions to commercial space in Oakville.

If you’re having problems with pest control, call City & Country Pest Control’s team of experts for a customized assessment and solution to ensure that your children breathe easily and live comfortably for a low price.

For more information on Oakville residential pest control solutions and how City & Country Pest Control can assist you with any pest control issues you might have, contact us toll-free at 1 (866) 255-9455 or send an e-mail to