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Top Six Pests We Don’t Mind Hating


Nobody likes discovering he or she has a pest infestation in his or her home. However, some pests are more hated than others. Here are the top six pests  City and Country Pest Control  knows its customers all love to hate.

  1. Bed Bugs

Number one on the list of pests we don’t mind hating at all is bed bugs. Just the idea of these creatures sneaking out at night to feed on us while we sleep is sure to make our skin crawl. Even though some people think that bed bugs were a problem from days gone by, and are only found in poor living conditions, bed bugs are a very real problem in Canada today and their population is on the rise. One of the biggest issues with bed bug infestations is that they hide so effectively it is virtually impossible to get rid of them without calling in professional help.

  1. Cockroaches

With their hard, shell-like bodies, cockroaches have a hideous appearance and they’re also a risk to human health, too. Cockroach infestations spread pathogens and bacteria.   They can pick up germs on their leg spines and transfer them all over our surfaces where we prepare food. Cockroaches can also cause allergies and trigger respiratory problems, so getting rid of an infestation as soon as it is detected is essential.

  1. Houseflies

Annoying and unhygienic, houseflies can be a common problem during warm weather when they find their way into the house through open doors and windows and wake us up with their continuous buzzing. Flies also contaminate surfaces and food products, spreading more than 100 types of organisms that are known to cause disease that they have picked up on their sillae. Keeping rubbish inside the home to a minimum and cleaning regularly will help to get rid of a fly infestation, but large numbers of flies will require professional help.

  1. Ants

While ants may be tiny, they are a nuisance when you find them inside your home. If you’ve ever discovered a line of ants walking through your kitchen cabinets, you will know very well why they have made the top six list. Ants forage for crumbs and leftover food and there can be huge numbers of them, getting into your open food packets and generally making your life miserable. Make sure to clean up any food debris from surfaces, floors, and inside cupboards, and keep all food packages sealed to deter ant infestations.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can really ruin a day in the sun outdoors. After sucking your blood, the result is an itchy, red welt that can easily get infected, and that can also result in serious diseases, such as malaria. One way to deter mosquitoes when outdoors is to wear an insect repellent spray, and to cover exposed skin with clothing.

  1. Spiders

Perhaps it’s their horrible legs, or maybe it’s their sticky webs just waiting to cover your face when you unsuspectingly walk into them. Whatever the reason, most of us love to hate spiders. Not only are they scary to look at, some of them can also have harmful bites. While most spiders in Canada are completely harmless, there are a few more dangerous varieties that have found their way into the country. Even wolf spiders, which are native to Canada, can bite if they feel threatened, leaving a swollen, red welt.

If you are experiencing a problem with any of these pests, contact City & Country Pest Control today and find out how you can eradicate your infestation.

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