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How to Mouse-Proof Your Home

Thanks to countless cartoons and nature shows, the image most people have of the mouse is a cute little creature. However,  City & Country Pest Control, the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) leading  pest control agency, points out that mice are pests that often...

All About Pigeons

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the pigeon is an all-too-familiar sight. The plump and friendly pigeon – which include city doves, city pigeons, and street pigeons – is one of the most adaptable birds in the GTA. Pigeons are unafraid of...

5 Top Tips for Keeping Cockroaches Out

Of all the pests that can infest a building, whether it’s an apartment high-rise, a home, or a business, there are none worse than the cockroach. Just the sight of one can lead people to make assumptions about the cleanliness of your property – and...
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